Founder’s Day Anniversary


Living Waters Hospital (LWH), a private health facility located at Krapa in Ejisu-Juabeng Municipal of the Ashanti Region, has instituted a Founder’s Day to commemorate the establishment of the facility and also embark on social work.

The hospital, which is a primary health facility was established in November 2013, which is the birth month of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Gabriel Sakyi Kwofie, has set aside the month in every year to undertake corporate social responsibility works.

At the maiden celebration of the Founders’ Day, the hospital provided sick bay to two secondary schools in the municipality, namely, Bonwire and Ejisuman Senior High School (ESEC).

Additionally, the hospital also provided emergency first aid boxes to 15 other schools including the two SHS mentioned above.


In an interview, the CEO Dr. Kwofie, said that as part of the package, the hospital also trained two first aiders who will be responsible for administering first aid during emergencies in the schools before sending the pupil for medical attention in a health facility.

He said the program would run for five years within which the boxes will be fully refilled during the period and supervised by the hospital’s medical outreach team.

The content of the first aid box include plaster, gauze, bandage, scissors, gentian violet paint, mentholated spirit, cotton, galipot, petroleum jelly, gloves and first aid medications such as paracetamol, mixt magnesium transilicate suspension and Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS).


While Ejisuman and Bonwire SHS were given fully resourced Sick Bays, Krapa MA, CSRI Basic School, Kwamo MA and Ejisu Model Basic Schools were given First Aid Boxes. Others were Kentikrono MA, Agassi Memorial, Phoenix International, Westminister International and Domeabra MA Basic Schools, Adako-Jachie MA, Naasei International, Besease MA and Aprade MA.


The headmistress of Besease MA School, Mrs. Angelina Twumasi, expressed gratitude to the hospital for the provision of the first aid boxes which she said would greatly help ensure the safety of pupils before they receive medical attention in case of any sickness or other emergencies such as cuts whilst in school.

The Facility

Living waters hospital is a 130 bed modern private health facility that provides primary health care and is accredited by the health facilities regulatory authority (NFRA) and the national health insurance authority (NHIA) and incorporated under the companies code of 1963 (act 179). Services offered includes antenatal care and other maternity service, corporate, chronic disease management, nutritional and dietary therapy, dental care, eye care, ear, nose and throat, obstetrics and gynecology services, planning, general OPD, home care laboratory investigations, general surgeries, orthopedic care, cardiology, endoscopy, pharmacy, postnatal care, pediatric welfare, physiotherapy and gym, ultrasound scan and ecg urological services, x-ray services among others.


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Wednesday, January 11,2017

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