Who We Are

Living Waters Hospital Limited has been tagged as the biggest private healthcare facility in the Ashanti Region in terms of its size, range of services, personnel and turnover. It is a prime healthcare service facility, the first of its kind in the region. It has ultra-modern facilities, equipment and personnel to undertake a wide variety of medical and surgical services.

Living Waters Hospital Limited has progressively evolved into a Grade ‘B’ health facility, offering extensive specialist medical and surgical, diagnostic and wellness care to serve the whole of Ashanti region and beyond. Its high-quality care, coupled with LWH’s state of the art building and environment and convenient location is one of the reasons why patients choose to be treated here.

LWH was incorporated in 2011, under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179) with registration number CA – 88,064 and is accredited by the Health Facilities Regulatory Authority (HFRA) under the Health Institutions and Facilities Act 2011 (Act 829) with accreditation number HFRA/PH – 6. LWH is also an accredited National Health Insurance provider to both subscribers of National Health Insurance Scheme and Private Mutual Health Schemes.

These Private Mutual Health Schemes include subscribers of Acacia Health Insurance, Beige Health Insurance, Ace Medical Insurance, Apex Mutual Health Insurance, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, Glico Health Care, Kaiser Global Healthcare, Managed Healthcare Company, Metropolitan Health Insurance, Nationwide Mutual Health and Premier Mutual Health Insurance among others.

Our services include a wide range of medical and surgical services including Antenatal Clinic, Ambulance Services, Corporate Services–healthcare services for corporate organizations, Chronic Diseases Clinic (e.g. HIV, Asthma, DM & HPT), Endoscopy Services, Child Welfare Clinic, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic, Fertility Clinic (Obstetric & Gynecological), Family Planning, General OPD, Home Care, Laboratory Investigations, Mortuary Services, Orthopaedic Clinic, Pharmacy, Postnatal Clinic, Paediatric Welfare Clinic, Physiotherapy / Gym, Surgical Services, Ultrasound Scan and ECG, Urological Services and Radiography (X-Ray) and many more to be added in time.

Our Mission

The Mission of Living Waters Hospital is to provide superior healthcare in a safe and compassionate environment.

Our Vision

The Vision of Living Waters Hospital is to become the first choice for healthcare services

  • Within the Ejisu Municipality and Kumasi Metro
  • In the Ashanti Region and
  • In the whole of Ghana

Our Values

Leadership: We are leaders in providing superior healthcare services  through innovation and quality of care

Welcoming: We are welcoming and hospitable with all clients and their families, irrespective of illness type, economic or social status, gender, religion, culture etc.

Holistic Healthcare: We provide a holistic and integrative healthcare by treating the “whole” person and not simply symptoms and diseases

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